TLT-Moto App

TheTLT-Moto Appis available for Android and IOS and works on all current Internet mobile phones. In combination with a specialCAN-Switchbox Air, all useful information is visualized on the mobile phone.

The start screen allows the user to select the available CAN-Switchbox with a special radio module. AllCAN-Switchbox Airequipped in this way send their serial number to the app for registration. In this case, select the SN #1107 and go directly to the speedometer. There are two display types to choose from, the digital theme and the analog theme. In the start menu, the theme and other settings can be adjusted by clicking on the gear icon.

All information evaluated by theCAN-Switchbox Airis transmitted in real time via radio to theTLT-Moto Appand displayed there. Thus, the original speedometer becomesalmostunnecessary, or can be limited to minimal display functions.