We build electronics for bikers


From the idea to the reliable product

We are three enthusiastic motorcyclists and Harley-Davidson® lovers, who were asked a question in 2011 by many cutomizers. This happened because Harley-Davidson® switched their product line from Dyna® and Softail® to HD LAN in 2011.And it went something like this: “Aren’t you the people who know much about electronics? Then you might have heard of CANbus, right? Or do you know someone who deals with it?” Of course we didn’t need to look hard, because one of us deals with this on a daily basis. Like this the idea of a little Switchbox to replace the original plastic handles with smart chrome controls. The first prototype was originally as big as a postcard and was only able to replace the functions of the left and right amature.
For now the latest version of the CAN-Switchbox is even able to supersede the speedometer (speed / rotational speed / signal-LEDs) and the radio. The outputs are also available in two different circuit types.
With this idea the tuners were given a chance to fulfill their deepest wishes, regarding their motorcycle appearrance. The latest verion of the CAN-Switchbox (Air) has a radio module, which in connection with our app, displays all CANbus information digitally. Like this, the original speedometer is almost fully replaced.
Meanwhile we have been doing this for more than ten years with success and that only as a hobby alongside our professions.

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