CAN-Swtichbox® - FAQs

I use the CAN-Switchbox for the first time, what do I have to consider?

The best way is to download the latest version of our manual. There everything in it what you need. Just make sure that you use the appropriate operating instructions for the box.

Are there different versions of the CAN-Switchbox and do I need different operating instructions?

Both yes. If your box has a serial number (S/N) 899 and smaller, please use the ‘tlt-manual_rev-4.x.pdf’. If the serial number (S/N)  is 900 and higher, you need a ‘tlt-manual_rev-6.x.pdf’.

Do I have to change the wiring harness and rewire everything to connect the CAN-Switchbox?

The wiring harness can remain unchanged! Everything remains ORIGINAL. With the optionally available cable kits, not even a plug has to be cut off.

I just want to replace the speedometer, do I have to connect the RUN [M12]?

No, the RUN connection [M12] is only needed if the fittings are replaced. We recommend our cable set Handle-Bar for fitting conversions.

If I want to replace my handlebar fittings later after a speedometer conversion, do I need a new CAN switchbox or an update?

No, our CAN switchbox detects changes automatically and adjusts itself automatically without you having to do anything.

I connected to the CAN switchbox power supply and HD-LAN (CAN). After a short while, the power LED goes out of the box. What can I do?

The new CAN switchbox will go into standby mode after about 30 seconds unless it receives any messages. Probably when connecting CAN-High / CAN-Low was reversed. Please check the wiring, then it should work.

I have a Keyless Harley-Davidson® and I can no longer get my motorcycle switched on after the new installation.

You have reinstalled your CAN-Switchbox and have a keyless Harley-Davidson®. Now you can no longer get your motorcycle switched on. You probably only switched CAN-High/CAN-Low [R4-R3] connector. Please check the wiring, and it should work.

The high-power outputs on the middle bar (M bar) do not work, what am I doing wrong?

Surely only forgot to connect the switched plus (+12Volt ignition power) to the CAN-Switchbox. This is the common supply line for all high-power outputs.

Note that the connection allocation has changed.
CAN-Switchbox with S/N 900 or greater (rev. 6): +12Volt = [M2]
CAN-Switchbox with S/N 899 or none (rev. 5): +12Volt = [M10]

I would like to use the original handlebar fittings to operate the TRIP of my new MG-Mini, without having to install an additional button anywhere. Is this possible for you?

Yes, the MG-Mini Trip-Input only has to be connected to [M11].

If I only want to use the TRIP [M11] on the middle bar (M-bar), do I have to connect ground and +12V?

If you dont want to use high-power outputs, then no.

What is the input LED on the CAN-Switchbox for?

The input control LED illuminates whenever one of the inputs [L2-L12] is pulled to ground (GND). However, this only works when the ignition is switched on and communication with the BCM is correct.

What is the output LED on the CAN switchbox for?

The turn-output control LED lights up whenever one of the turn signals is also on. However, this only works when the ignition is switched on and communication with the BCM is correct.

Why does the new speedometer show no speed and rotational speed (rpm)?

If necessary, the outputs [R5] and [R6] must each be wired with the supplied pull-up resistors to + 12Volt (Manual-Page 6). The Resistor should have 3-8 kOhm. Carefully for example with a shrink sleeve, isolate the resistors!

Why do you have the same outputs on the R-bar and again on the M-bar?

On the motorcycle there are indicator lights that indicate a status or function. These are usually designed for small currents only [R7-R12]. For this purpose, small LEDs are used, which are wired with a small pre-resistance to +12Volt depending on the design.

In addition, there are also signal lights or lamps that have a higher output. For this purpose, our CAN-Switchbox has additional +12Volt high-power outputs, each capable of delivering up to 36 Watts. These are all located on the M-bar and have a separate supply line, which must also be connected. Note that the connection allocation has changed. :
CAN-Switchbox with S/N 900 or larger (rev. 6): ‘tlt-manual_rev-6. x. pdf
CAN-Switchbox with S/N 899 or none (rev. 5): ‘tlt-manual_rev-4. x. pdf

The MG-Mini will stay on when I turn off the ignition, or some LEDs of the Msign-Mini will not work. Why?

The MG-Mini must be operated via switched + 12V, also some LEDs need switched Plus, some ground. Please read through MG’s instructions, we have no control over that.

Why would you recommend the additional connection of one of the hexagon threaded bolts with housing ground?

This is done only for safety reasons to prevent creepage currents and bad contact, as well as to ensure the correct function of the CAN-Switchbox.

Is it necessary that each input button has a separate ground line?

No, a common line is sufficient for all buttons, but with a very good earth connection. The CAN-Switchbox should also have a good connection to ground.

I would like to connect a “MG-MS-Pro” to the CAN-Swichbox, does it work?

Of course, but you also need the MG-Breakout-Box-A. It’s best to read this guide .

How do I connect the cable kit?

The cable kit connector is as follows: [Rxy] Right connector strip of the CAN-Switchbox.

[R1] Blue = Ground, [R2] Red = +12V, [R3] Green = CAN-Low, [R4] Yellow = CAN-High.

Why goes the beamlight with the button on, but it does not go off?

Then you have a special HD version. Connect the beamlight input [L8] and also the flashlight input [L11] with the beamlight button.

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