The CAN-Switchbox®

The CANbus switchbox developed by us is able to simulate the original handlebar armatures as well as the speedometer on the current Dyna®, Softail® and Sportster® models. Like that, one is able to use the button armature kits offered by different manufractures, or in other way refined switches. It is important that all the functions that are provided in the original Harley-Davidson® version are retrained with our CAN-Switchbox. Even the position and warning lights, which are mandatory in North America, have been added.

General information

Most custom conversions try to reach a CLEAN state, where the size of the box with only 70 x 50 x 20 mm is very convenient. You can install the small box anywhere in the motorcycle, preferably in the frame triangle behind the steering head bearing. This would have the advantage that it is directly attached to the original connection point of the fittings. The plug connectors can be used directly, preferably from the right side.
The connection of our box is not witchcraft, but should only be made by a specialist for warranty reasons. All buttons or switches that are installed are easy to connect against ground / ground (GND) to the CAN-Switchbox on the corresponding slot.
Please note that with the CAN-Switchbox the cable harness remains completely unchanged and does not need to be extensively rebuilt. With the help of the optionally available cable kits, not even the plug needs to be changed.
Everything remains ORIGINAL.

After the conversion to push-button or other noble switches in connection with our CAN-Switchbox, all functions behave as with the original armatures. Even the chnage of the speedometer is with our box no longer a problem, since the CAN signal is simulated and there are no error messages.
Our CAN-Switchbox has 12 inputs, each of which has to be switched to ground for activation. It also has 15 outputs, for the connection of both front indicators, as well as ABS, Oil, Neutral, etc. . Two additional clock outputs for speed and rotational speed to connect a speedometer of your choice are also available. All functions are routed via the existing CAN bus to the main controller of the motorcycle and allow a perfect operation (no matter whether LED, turn signal or original turn signal with 32 watts) of the motorcycle.

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Technical data

Length / Widht / Depht: 70 mm / 50 mm / 20 mm
Weight: 43 g
Mounting holes: 2 x M3 10 mm deep
Power consumption: 40 mA (logic)
9 µA (sleep)
Operating voltage: 9 – 18 V
Temperature range: -10° … + 80°C
Digital inputs: 12
Digital outputs: 8 (≤ 100 mA)
Power outputs: 8 (≤ 2 A)


To download the right documents, just click on the picture that shows your version of the CAN-Switchbox.

Manual ≤ SN 499 (SerialNumber)
Manual ≤ SN 899
Manual ≥ SN 900
Circuit diagram rev. 6.x
Speedometer connection examples